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Bergkamp dreams of owning a football team.

Dennis Bergkamp, ​​legendary Arsenal player, reveals his dream of owning a football club. And almost succeeded with Wycombe, a club in English League One, but failed in the final step. The 54-year-old, along with several friends who are all former players, tried to buy Wycombe, but

Newcastle consider Lloris as another goalkeeper option.

The Mirror, a famous English media reports that. Newcastle has placed Hugo Lloris, a veteran Spurs goalkeeper. As another option to strengthen the team’s goalkeeping position. “Salika Dong” was unlucky to lose Nick Pope, who injured his shoulder in the 1-0 win over Manchester United

Roy slams Van Dijk for purposely causing to get yellow.

Roy Hodgson, manager of Crystal Palace criticized Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk for intentionally kicking the ball at Jordan Ayew. Causing him to receive his first yellow card before being sent off in the team’s 1-2 home loss. Premier League last Saturday The Eagles took

Sergio Ramos is the latest to join in condemning Rubiales.

Sergio Ramos is the latest footballer to condemn Luis Rubiales’ actions. After he kissed Jenny Hermoso without her consent. Sergio Ramos, Sevilla’s new center, who holds the record for the player. Who has played the most games with the Spanish national team with 180 games,

Diogo Costa is set to move to the Premier League this summer.

Manchester United goalkeeper Diogo Costa is set to move to the Premier League this summer. According to reports from Portugal amid doubts over David de Gea’s future. Porto’s goofy looks like waving goodbye to the fans of the team. When they miss the Superliga championship in the last