What is Fan Tan and how did it come about?

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Everyone who plays online casinos Many people have probably seen it before with the Fantan game. And does everyone know what game it is and what’s its history? If anyone doesn’t know, this article will be the answer for you.

What is Fantan game?

Fan Tan or Po and in international language it is called FAN TAN. Fantan is a type of gambling game. which is popular with Chinese gamblers Because it’s an easy gamble. Difficult to find equipment There will be a variety of equipment to play, such as nuts, tamarind seeds, beads or something similar, which will use 100 pieces or more.


The history of the Fantan game

Fantan originated in casinos in ancient China. But it is not yet clear what era it originated from. The Fantan comes with an opium factory. and a group of gangsters or big city Chinese with the habit of Chinese people who like to gamble So likes to invent various gambling and invented Fantan from meeting at a tea shop. and challenged how many nuts on the table were all there. And that’s the origin of Fantan gambling itself. Initially popular among the small but have a lot of fun So popular all over the city and expanding to different cities

Fantan game summary and its history

Fan Tan or FAN TAN is a gambling game that is popular and invented by a group of Chinese people. By becoming widely popular later. Until now, there are already online casinos. If you want to play Fantan games nowadays, you don’t have to go to the hassle of equipment. Just click on the UFABET website and you can play both via mobile and PC.