The legend believes that the zebra has lost faith in “Allegri”

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Juventus legend Marco Tardelli thinks his former club have lost trust in him. Massimiliano Allegri and “Juventus” have had a disappointing start this season. They have just collected 13 points from 9 games and are 8th in the table. 23 points behind the crowd like Napoli

, Juve lost to AC Milan last weekend. This was their 4th defeat in 12 games this season. While winning just four times as well

, Tardelli said Juve had lost faith in Allegri. even without signaling anything.

“Only Allegri can restore that serenity necessary to overcome the moment. However, some of his statements in recent weeks have surprised me, where he said that the match against PSG was not important but the one against Benfica. 

“Or that the important matches would have been Salernitana, Monza, and that Benfica was not decisive. There is a lot of confusion in these statements, and confusion creates uncertainty, uncertainty creates fear.”

“It’s a different time, but Juve are now in a bad mood,” he told UFABET 

. above all There was only silence from the club. which I don’t like at all They didn’t feel calm. The coach was not calm. I don’t think the club believes in Allegri any more.”

However, when asked if Allegri will be sacked anytime soon, Tardelli replied: “No, he is still relatively safe.”