Reveals VAR blind spots, can’t find the camera to hit the line ‘Saka’

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UFABET have revealed that VAR was unable to capture the moment Arsenal winger Bukayo Saka was attacked. Could be offside before Gabriel Martinelli fired his first goal against Liverpool in the 58th second of

Sunday’s game. There are many cuts in the eye. starting from the first goal of the local It appears Saka ran down offside to receive the ball from Ben White, with his back leg potentially overlapping Trent Alexander-Arnold. standing as the

last Watched like any other rhythm It was revealed that it could be due to a technical error on the pitch.

The VAR team tried to capture the moment White passed the ball up front. before comparing it with other cameras Inside the field that moves together before trying to hit the line.

However, with Hawk-Eye technology, with up to 5 cameras on the field, none of them captured the image of Saga in the same frame. White got it at this moment. This could be the “blind spot” of VAR,

with only one camera capturing both of them. is a technical camera in the middle of the field which can not be used to hit the offside line As a result, the team cannot clearly determine whether there is an offside or not

, so there is no clear evidence to indicate whether Saka is offside or not. which if he is in an obvious offside position It may change the verdict. In the end, the decision of the lineman on the field is mainly based on the decision.

The same was the case in Serie A last month, with Juventus scoring the winner in stoppage-time. Salertitana but VAR ruled that Leonardo Bonucci was offside first. In fact, Antonio Candreva stood near the corner of the flag before the free-kick. This keeps all Zebra players out of the way, which no VAR camera captures of Candreva. In such a stroke

, Richard Keyes, a famous commentator, insisted that the VAR team did not hit the line in the stroke and “guess” that it was not offside. “Back to Arsenal They made all the big decisions.”

“Saka was offside when receiving the ball leading to the first goal. He was clearly offside. But be open-minded and say that VAR let it go because it’s matched

. Strikers always have an advantage, so I’m happy if PGMOL will change their minds unless they don’t.

“They made a mistake. How do I know? Because we asked the staff to prove that Saka was on the line, we wanted to see the line they took to make the decision.”

“They can’t find that line, why? because they didn’t hit the line If they really check it It would be a guess.”