Newcastle consider Lloris as another goalkeeper option.

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The Mirror, a famous English media reports that. Newcastle has placed Hugo Lloris, a veteran Spurs goalkeeper. As another option to strengthen the team’s goalkeeping position.

“Salika Dong” was unlucky to lose Nick Pope, who injured his shoulder in the 1-0 win over Manchester United last week. Which is severe enough to require surgery and is expected to have to rest for up to 4 months ทางเข้า UFABET

That makes Newcastle need a reliable goalkeeper to add in the January window. Previously, the team was heavily linked with David de Gea, the former Manchester United goalkeeper who is currently unaffiliated. But Eddie Howe came out to deny that negotiations had begun.


Recently, the British media stated that Lloris is another option to strengthen the club’s goalkeeping position. After the former French national goalkeeper was in reserve status with “Golden Spurs Chicken” in this season

The 36-year-old goalkeeper has not played goalkeeper for the club this season. After Aussie manager Ange Postecoglou chose Gujelmo Vicario, who joined the team from Empoli, as his number one.

Lloris is eager to leave Spurs as he has served the English club for a long time in hopes of a change of scenery. And has been linked with both Newcastle and Nice, teams in their hometown.

However, in the end, the 36-year-old goalkeeper is still with the Spurs. Despite not having played on the field since July because the Spurs brought in Gujelmo Vicario to take on the role of the new number one goalkeeper.