“Iniesta” accepts return to join the merit event

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Andreas Iniesta has admitted that he would like to return to Barcelona in the future. The Bull-blooded midfielder has had a lot of success during his playing career with “Barcelona”, making 674 appearances, 57 goals and 138 assists and collecting 30 trophies together.

Currently, Iniesta continues. On the path of a professional footballer By trading with Witsel Kobe in Japan. Where he still has a contract until the end of January 2024

, the 38-year-old has admitted an interest in a future transfer to Camp Nou, although it is unclear how.

“I’m going to stay here for a year (Japan) and then we’ll see,” he told UFABET 

. “I want to go back to Barca, that’s my home. But I still don’t know in what state. team manager, sports director or something like that no matter what The first thing I had to do was practice. And now I still see myself as a player.”

“It’s nice to think. Someone who has been and has given a lot to a club. will continue to do so even after they have quit playing football. But it must be on the right conditions. You can’t say that ‘I’m not going to do anything. But let me go back.’”