Bergkamp dreams of owning a football team.

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Dennis Bergkamp, ​​legendary Arsenal player, reveals his dream of owning a football club. And almost succeeded with Wycombe, a club in English League One, but failed in the final step.

The 54-year-old, along with several friends who are all former players, tried to buy Wycombe, but negotiations fell through as the club was sold to another bidder UFABET

Bergkamp told home newspaper De Telegraph: “Wycombe Wanderers are a good project. And we almost did it. It failed in the final step.”

“In cooperation with Filip Cocu, Ronald Koeman, Dirk Kuyt, Henrik Larsson and Rob Jansen (agent), we will buy shares of the club. It is my dream to develop players, develop the academy. Use the knowledge and experience we have to lead the team to promotion.”


“Not with foreign billionaires investing large sums of money to make the leap so quickly. If you have a group of ex-footballers getting together You just started later. I am sure that with a League One club, with real football knowledge. You can be promoted to the Championship in five years, at most 10.”

“We are not talking about the Premier League yet. It’s a very difficult league to get into, I tried at Arsenal with some Arsenal legends plus Daniel Ek (Swedish billionaire) but it was very difficult. Owners of big clubs would sell in this day and age for that price.”

“The sale of Manchester United is also not complete.”