Sergio Ramos is the latest to join in condemning Rubiales.

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Sergio Ramos is the latest footballer to condemn Luis Rubiales’ actions. After he kissed Jenny Hermoso without her consent.

Sergio Ramos, Sevilla’s new center, who holds the record for the player. Who has played the most games with the Spanish national team with 180 games, joins in condemning Luis Rubiales for showing unacceptable behavior after the kiss. Jenny Hermoso, a female player of the Bulls’ world championship team. Despite the women’s consent, according to a report from ‘Diario AS’ last Friday.

Rubiales has been suspended from his job as president of the Spanish Football Federation pending an investigation into Hermoso’s inappropriate behavior. And now he faces jail time after the Spain international made a statement to police. That Rubiales kissed her without her consent amounted to sexual assault UFABET

Many players have previously condemned Rubiales’ actions, starting with Borja Iglesias, Aitor Ruibal and Hector Bellerin, three Real players. Betis before Oriol Romeu harshly criticized Rubiales, calling Rubiales ‘pathetic’, while Daniel Carvajal will wait until Rubiales is found guilty before speaking. condemn

‘It’s a delicate issue. He behaved in an unacceptable manner. He made a mistake. But instead of talking about Rubiales, we must take the opportunity to congratulate the Women’s World Cup champions. That’s what we should be talking about.’

‘I hope football really gets the representation it deserves,’ Ramos said.