Tips on how to eat fried food safely Does not destroy health

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The food is delicious and satisfying, It’s always something that’s fried. This may be a saying in the minds of many people. Because it will be difficult to stop eating fried food. Even though they are aware of the negative effects. But in fact, health The most important thing is that if you can reduce and quit, your life will definitely be better. Because fried food can have a very negative effect on the body.

Fried food is high in calories. Most deep-fried foods are high in calories compare to other process foods. This is because frying food in oil causes it to lose water and absorb fat instead. Including ingredients that will be fried, they are often coat with crispy batter beforehand. This is the reason why fried foods are high in calories. One small baked potato weighing approximately 100 grams provides nutritional value with 93 calories and 0 grams of fat, while 100 grams of French fries or potato chips provides 319 calories. and has 17 grams of fat.

Fried foods are often high in trans fats. Trans fats are created by converting unsaturated fats by adding hydrogen to the oil. (Hydrogenation) by many entrepreneurs often use this method in food production. This is to extend the shelf life and keep food in its original condition for longer. In addition, the hydrogenation process can occur from cooking that uses high heat. This process will cause the structure of the oil to change. This causes the body to be unable to break down fat, which may affect health and put you at risk for various diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, etc.

For people thinking of reducing these things! ยูฟ่าเบท have tips for eating fried food safely. Let’s tell you.

Make it yourself, eat it yourself: You get to go out and buy the ingredients yourself. since meat until the seasoning It will help guarantee that you have selected the best things for your body. This is the beginning of simple health care. which is considered very appropriate.

Change the oil used for frying: Cooking fried food requires a higher temperature than fried food. Therefore, you should choose an oil that is more suitable for frying. Such as using palm oil or animal oil instead of soybean oil. Safflower oil or rice bran oil But you should use the right amount of oil. And be careful about cholesterol from animal fat. This is because the body already receives fat from eating meat. By using 1 spoon of lard, the body will receive approximately 9-10 ml of cholesterol.

Change the frying method: You may change to frying with an oil-free fryer. This is another option for those who want to eat fried food that is safe for their health. The machine blows hot air around the food, making the food crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. This uses 70-80 percent less oil than normal frying.

Additionally, baking may be use instead of frying. By baking food at a high temperature of about 232 degrees. This method will help make the food crisp even with little or no oil used.

Adjust the frying method: If you want to use a normal frying pan You may adjust the frying method with these tips to help make fried food safer:

  • Fry food using only a small amount of oil. This is to provide enough oil to coat the food and prevent the food from sticking to the fried container. Using this method instead of frying food submerged in oil.
  • Choose oil that can withstand high temperatures for stir frying or frying.
  • Do not use bread crumbs to coat food. Because it will make the food absorb more oil.
  • Don’t use old oil. You should change the oil every time you stir-fry or fry food.